Astro Trishla Biography Wiki

Astro Trishla Biography Wiki

Sarthi Trishla Ji is a distinguished astrologer with over twenty years of experience in both ancient and modern astrology. Her journey commenced under her grandfather’s tutelage, eventually leading to her attainment of a PhD in astrology. Recognized with various awards, she established the “Krishna Sarthi” Gurukul to disseminate astrological knowledge. Additionally, she plans to inaugurate a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, advocating for astrology as a legitimate science. As an online consultant, she employs tarot cards to offer guidance across various life aspects, earning trust for her unique blend of astrology and spirituality. Her unwavering commitment to enlightenment continues to inspire many. For further details, visit her website at

Astro Trishla Biography Wiki

Astro Trishla Bio Table(Astro Trishla Biography Wiki)

Full NameSarthi Trishla Ji
Career SpanOver two decades
EducationPhD in Astrology
BirthplaceKota, Rajasthan
Education LocationJaipur, Rajasthan
Awards– “Best Astrologer” award from Bhaskar Group in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat
– Multiple other accolades totaling more than five
ContributionsFounded “Krishna Sarthi” Gurukul for comprehensive astrological education
Advocated for astrology as a legitimate science
Provides online consultation services for various life aspects using tarot cards
Notable Features– Extensive practical experience in astrology
– Deep spiritual convictions
– Commitment to delivering effective solutions to clients
Future PlansOpening a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna (Thakur Ji)

Astro Trishla Educational Qualifications(Astro Trishla Biography Wiki)

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PhD in AstrologyUnspecifiedUnspecified
Completed Education in JaipurUnspecifiedJaipur, Rajasthan

Astro Trishla Achievements(Astro Trishla Biography Wiki)

Best Astrologer Award (Bhaskar Group)Awarded for excellence in astrology by Bhaskar Group in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat.
Founder of “Krishna Sarthi” GurukulEstablished a Gurukul dedicated to imparting comprehensive astrological education.
Pursued PhD in AstrologyEarned a doctoral degree in astrology, solidifying expertise and credentials in the field.
Planned Opening of Temple for Lord KrishnaVision to create a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna (Thakur Ji) for spiritual guidance and blessings.
Over Two Decades of Online Consultation ServiceActively serving people for more than twenty years as an online astrologer consultant.
Multiple Accolades and RecognitionReceived numerous awards and accolades, totaling more than five, for contributions to astrology.
Mastery in Ancient and Modern AstrologyPossesses expertise in both ancient and modern astrology, honed over years of dedicated practice and study.
Tarot Card ExpertiseUtilizes tarot cards as a powerful tool for prediction and guidance on various life matters.
Advocacy for Astrology as Legitimate ScienceStrong advocate for astrology as a legitimate science providing insights into human life, debunking misconceptions.
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