Funyaasi Biography: (Shubham Singh and Dhruv Bisht)

Funyaasi Biography: Shubham Singh and Dhruv Bisht

Funyaasi Biography Hindi

Funyaasi Biography(: Shubham Singh and Dhruv Bisht)

Shubham Singh and Dhruv Bisht are two young content creators from Amritsar and Gurgaon, respectively, who have made a name for themselves in the Indian social media space. Together, they are known as Funyaasi, a name that perfectly captures their fun and quirky personalities.

Early Life and Education(Funyaasi Biography)

Shubham and Dhruv both have a background in engineering. Shubham completed his engineering degree from Chandigarh University, while Dhruv completed his engineering degree from ITM University in Gurgaon. The duo met during their college years and bonded over their shared passion for comedy and content creation.

Their Journey as Content Creators(Funyaasi Biography)

Funyaasi was born out of Shubham and Dhruv’s shared passion for creating relatable and humorous content. They began by creating short videos and sketches that they would share on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

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Funyaasi Biography(: Shubham Singh and Dhruv Bisht)

Their unique style of humor and relatable content quickly gained traction, and before they knew it, they had amassed a massive following of over 494k followers on Instagram alone. Their YouTube channel also has a considerable following, with several of their videos receiving hundreds of thousands of views.

Social Media PlatformUsernameFollowers
Instagram@dhruvbisht29 @shubshubolo@funyaasi494k
YouTube@Funyaasi2.24 million

The Funyaasi Philosophy(Funyaasi Biography)

For Shubham and Dhruv, being a Funyaasi means doing what you love and having fun while doing it. It’s about taking a ‘Sanyaas‘ from doing anything but what you truly love and being happy and content with your work. This philosophy is evident in the kind of content they create, which is always fun, engaging, and relatable.

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Favorite Book and Advice for Aspiring Creators

When asked about their favorite book, Shubham and Dhruv both agreed that ‘The Secret’ by Rhobda Byrne is their top pick. This book has helped them stay positive, confident, and focused on their goals, which has been crucial in their journey as content creators.

When asked for advice for aspiring creators, Shubham and Dhruv had one simple message: JUST START! They emphasized the importance of taking that first step and not being afraid to put yourself out there. They also encouraged creators to stay true to themselves and to do what makes them happy, regardless of what others might think or say.

Shubham Singh’s Social Media Presence

Shubham Singh manages Funyaasi’s Instagram account with the username @shubshubolo. He has amassed a massive following of 494k followers who love his hilarious and entertaining videos. The duo also has a YouTube channel called Funyaasi, which has a large number of subscribers, and the videos they upload receive a significant number of views and likes

Funyaasi – The Birth of a Comedic Duo

Shubham and Dhruv’s shared passion for comedy and content led to the creation of ‘Funyaasi.’ Funyaasi is a platform where the duo creates short, relatable videos and shares them on various social media platforms. Despite going their separate ways after college, their common drive to create and share stories with the world brought them back together.

Advice for Future and Aspiring Creators

Shubham and Dhruv’s advice for future and aspiring creators is to just start. They believe that if you don’t give it a try, you wouldn’t know how amazingly you can pull it off. They advise not to think about what others will think or say, and to live your life on your terms doing what truly makes you happy and content.


Shubham Singh and Dhruv Bisht are a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and following your passion. They have built a massive following in a relatively short period, and their unique brand of humor has won them many fans. As they continue on their journey as content creators, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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